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"I hate lawyers ... lawyers are a necessary evil, like taxes and toilet plungers ...
but if you need one, you won't do better than the folks at Big Law LLP."

- CEO, Fortune 100 Company

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Meet the world's most prestigious law firm.

Big Law LLP was founded on a handshake in 1968 by two childhood friends and has since grown into "an international legal powerhouse" (The Wall Street Journal) and "one of America's most successful corporate law firms" (The American Lawyer). 

For over a decade, Big Law LLP has consistently held the #1 spot in the annual Vault 100 rankings. In fact, this year we have increased our prestige score from an already impressive 8.961 to a godly 8.974, while the prestige score of our closest competitor has decreased from a laughable 8.934 to an utterly shameful 8.912.

Big Law LLP is the firm of choice for discerning clients worldwide who want the very best legal advice money can buy. We care deeply about our clients and will spare no effort in achieving exceptional results on their behalf.*

*So long as money is no object and our bills are timely paid.

Big Law LLP
555 Wall Street
New York, New York 10005
+1 212 555 FAIL

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