Noel Balz

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Director of Associate Life

Mr. Balz (He/Him) has over 10 years of experience with professional development, recruiting, and diversity initiatives in corporate environments.

He has significant expertise and cross-cultural awareness relating to individuals from diverse backgrounds, races, ethnicities, religions, disabilities, sexual orientation, genders, gender identities and gender expressions, including but not limited to genderqueer, genderfluid, bigender, transgender, two spirit, agender, pangender, xenogender, and gender bender.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Balz was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.


Harvard Law School, J.D.
Harvard Business School, M.B.A.
Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, B.S. (Economics) 

Hobbies & Interests

Political activism; Meditation & mindfulness; Competitive dog showing

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