"If you want to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh ... otherwise they'll kill you."

- George Bernard Shaw

Dilbert meets Suits in this irreverent exposé of law firm hell!

is a comic strip about life in BigLaw, created by a BigLaw survivor.

For the uninitiated, "BigLaw" refers to the alpha dogs of the legal profession — an elite group of mega New York-centric law firms that advise the world's most powerful conglomerates on high-profile, bet-the-company type matters.

Every year, hordes of new graduates from top law schools eagerly sign away their souls in exchange for a six-figure salary and that oh-so-dangerous drug for the young ambitious professional...


They soon learn that words like "collegiality" and "work-life balance" are just fancy marketing terms used in the firm's glossy recruiting brochures. In reality, they are a fungible commodity in a white-collar sweatshop, saddled with crushing workloads while tormented by ill-tempered partners and backstabbing co-workers.

For the lucky few who manage to claw their way to the top, there sits the coveted grand prize — law firm partnership!

For the majority who are not so lucky, an uncertain future awaits...

Unapologetically honest and painfully relatable to lawyers everywhere, #BigLawFail transforms the daily drudgery of lawyering into a snarky, laugh-out-loud commentary about law firm life.

About Cary Chu 

BigLawFail Comics BigLaw Lawyer Attorney Law Cartoon Legal Humor Comic Strip Cary Chu

Cary Chu is a Wall Street lawyer-turned-cartoonist and creator of #BigLawFail Comics. Before shocking every Asian parent on the planet by quitting law to be a cartoonist, Cary spent seven years toiling away in the New York office of a top international law firm where she represented financial institutions and multinational corporations in securities, regulatory enforcement, and other complex litigation. Now that she no longer has to bill 24/7, Cary spends all her waking hours poking fun at the many absurdities of working in a law firm.