Ass. #33: My New Year’s Resolution is to stop procrastinating at the office. No more Twitter and Facebook…No more Youtube videos…This year I’m gonna be a lean mean billing machine!


Ass. #33: Lemme take 5 minutes to check the news…


[click, click]

“GOP Tax Bill Winners & Losers”
“FBI Trump-Russia Probe Fallout”
“New Sex Harassment Scandal Rocks Congress”


[click, click, click, click]

“Nuclear War With N. Korea Imminent”
“Bitcoin Plunges Below $10K”
“Prince Harry Engagement Shocker”


[click, click, click, click, click, click]

“Uncensored ISIS Beheading Video”
“Can Hackers Program Sex Robots To Kill?”
“Scientists Bring Dead Back To Life”


Ass. #67: Lunch time! Wanna join us?