Ass. #58: Meet my emotional support parrot, Justice Ginsburg. She says motivational things to get me through the week.

Parrot: *Squawk* Girl power!

Ass. #58: When I’m stressed out, the Notorious RBG inspires me to kick ass!

Parrot: *Squawk* Nasty woman!

Ass. #32: How the heck did you get permission to bring a parrot to the office?

Ass. #58: I just asked the partners if I could bring Justice Ginsburg to the office and they said yes.

Parrot: *Squawk* She persisted!

Ass. #74: I’m sure they thought you meant the human Justice Ginsburg, not the parrot.

Ass. #58: You know how we prep witnesses to only answer the question asked and not volunteer info?

Ass. #58: Well, the partners didn’t ask if I meant the human Justice Ginsburg!